To what extend ?

ThermoSysPro has been developed by Baligh el Hefni and Daniel Bouskela, from the Prisme department of EDF, since the 2000’s. The library is used by different departments of EDF to model thermal and solar power plants. The physical modeling choices of many components are detailed in the book Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Power Plants with ThermoSysPro.

What has it to do with Phimeca ?

Phimeca’s core business is the link : the statistical analysis and learning !

Understanding the models used is essential for a meaningful and successful application of Phimeca’s methods. The knowledge of Modelica, as well as this library in particular, makes it possible to perform a focused and predictive maintenance on industrial systems.


Phimeca is partnering with EDF since 2020 to develop this library usage. The Thermosyspro components documentation as well as a dedicated website has been realised in the frame of this partnership. Phimeca presented the combination of its methods (dimensional reduction, metamodeling) on a centrifugal pump model to predict the system lasting lifespan during the 2019 Modelica conference.