Phimeca supports its customers all along the design process of their systems to ascertain the correct dimension by:

  • Exploring the design space thanks to simulation;
  • Respecting the current norms in your business field;
  • Fulfilling the needs of reliability, safety, security…;
  • Ensuring a sufficient robustness against the hazards of use;
  • Minimizing the general cost in light of a durability or maintainability need.

Physical modelling

Structural calculation

How to choose the suitable material or the correct thickness? How to ensure the thermal or mechanical constraints? How to optimize the fluid flow? The numerical simulation is the answer to these matters… and to even more!

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Specifications & Test monitoring

In case you need to speed up your developments, limit your test costs, get it right on the first try, ensure the quality and conformity of your tests, improve the functionalities of your products, rely on predictable and reliable computation…

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Reliability & performance

Uncertainties and variabilities are bound to any system. Phimeca’s purpose is to assist customers in correctly considering those. Always pragmatic, we select with you the appropriate strategy to fulfil your needs.

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The tools to make it happen

Our engineers, specialized in computation and numerical simulation, rely on software tools especially suited to your needs. If you (or your customer) impose us a software, we comply with it, if you don’t, we suggest one.

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Apply advanced methods to industrial problems is one of the founding elements of Phimeca. To this end, performing studies (would it be a project or technical support) is not always enough:

  • Sometimes, it is more relevant to guide you in skill development;
  • It may also be wise to adapt the existing software tools, so you make the best use of them.

Phimeca, here to guide you

Training courses

You wish to obtain a deep understanding of some methods, know how to implement them with your favourite tools or even be informed of all aspects of the numerical simulation or data sciences… In any case, we are willing to assist you through different training courses. If you do not find what you are looking for in our catalogue, we will build with you the one that satisfy your needs.

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Software Development

Are you convinced of the importance of numerical simulation and data sciences? Do you wish to improve their implementation in your teams? Try to adapt the tools to your needs (and not the other way around!) Whatever your work environment is, solutions exist, today, to optimise your computation processes.

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