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Simulation may be of use at every step of the design cycle



Reduce your general design duration using simulation from the beginning of your project:

  • Validate the fundamental design principles,
  • Explore the design space and optimize your dimensions or control the risks,
  • Prepare your test stages and make them even more informative,
  • Quantify the predictive reliability of your components or systems.

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Numerical simulations and data to operate your systems efficiently



Benefit from both numerical simulation and data analysis to:

  • Optimize the operation conditions of your processes,
  • Monitor directly the progression of non-mesurable parameter,
  • Set up an inspection plan or a predictive maintenance,
  • Make informed choices about extending your systems lifespan.

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Our support solutions

Software products

To go further in the industrialisation of the advanced methods, we develop standard and custom-made software products.

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We guarantee industry players high added value support at any stage of the life cycle of their products, from design to maintenance.

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Technical support

Our consultants work directly in your premises and in collaboration with your teams to provide you with the support you need.

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Training courses

Inter-company or custom-made training

What we offer you is a theoretical and practical training program from the fundamentals up to the most recent advanced techniques. It aims for an in-depth understanding of the methods and their implementation.

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