0D/1D Modelling

The 0D/1D modelling makes it possible to describe the evolution of systems over time (0D) and, to a lesser degree, might include a spacial dimension (1D).

The advantage of 0D modelling comes from its nature: it is a simple representation that makes it possible to consider the interactions (especially dynamic ones) of the multiples parts within complex systems.


Modelica is an opensource multiphysical modelling language. Open Modelica (opensource) and Dymola (Dassault Systèmes) are based on this language. Created in 1996, it is more and more used and benefit from a truly active community.

The strength of Modelica language comes from the mathematics writing of algebraic and differential equations without notion of cause and effect. This language is all the more useful for Phimecanists as it is adapted to different physics and allows in particular to define flows, potentials, etc…

Phimeca : Modelica specialist and developer of 0D/1D modelling tools

All our developments are carried out using continuous integration methods, thus ensuring the robustness of the proposed software solutions.


A Modelica library to model power plants

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