For more than a year now, corporate events have been difficult to organise: between curfews, lockdowns, participant limits and so on, Phimeca was forced to hold its 2020 seminar behind screens, via video-conference.

This year, we were luckier. All the Phimecanics were able to meet up again at a seminar in the Drôme. This was an opportunity to see familiar faces and to integrate the latest arrivals.

During 2 days, all the teams shared a common experience during various activities.

A well-run seminar, organised by Claire-Eleuthériane GERRER and Gaëtan BLONDET.


A fun and sporting challenge around the Domaine de Valsoyo pond.

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2021 is also Phimeca's 20th anniversary! The occasion for an evening with all the teams from all the sites.


A morning spent on thinking about new ways of working, on the mainspring of Phimeca, and what it means to be a company with a mission.