Figure 1 : Pipeline test

In partnership with the CEA, EDF is developing the SALOME platform, an open-source scientific computing environment. This platform enables the various stages of an industrial study to be carried out in a generic way, on a wide range of applications. It also serves as a basis for the creation of specific platforms and applications by assembling modules, qualified by EDF’s R&D and engineering design engineers.

To contribute to the quality of the platform, the SALOME software factory uses GitLab-CI. Some “artifacs” supporting the SALOME version qualification procedure are exported to be capitalized for traceability purposes.

Phimeca has written a python script to record all the data generated by GitLab-CI jobs linked to a pipeline (artifacts, log, test reports, etc.). The tool explores the supplied pipeline to retrieve all the required information for each child pipeline, and in return generates a .tar archive for each child pipeline containing the information relating to it.