The GOFACS tool was developed by PHIMECA for the IRSN to construct fragility curves for a physical model (building, equipment, multi-physics, failure criteria) implemented with Cast3M.


The tool associates probability laws with model variables to define a design of experiment using the OpenTurns library. Calculations are then run via SLURM on a cluster. The results are then collected to define a fragility curve.

In 2023, Phimeca has corrected a number of anomalies and added new functionalities based on feedback from the IRSN and Phimeca, who have used Gofacs to carry out studies.


Anomalies have been logged in Phimeca’s in-house Gitlab anomaly tracking functionality. For this year, a repository has been opened on IRSN’s internal Gitlab site to simplify bug tracking.

The main improvements are as follows:

  • Added: ability to install Gofacs as a conda package;
  • Added: seven new probability laws;
  • Added: ability to take notes that will be saved in the study;
  • Added: ability to plan the order in which experiments are launched by grouping them;
  • Improved data export;
  • Added: options for plotting fragility curves according to various failure thresholds and confidence levels.