This study aims at performing a vibration analysis (sine sweeps and shocks) of a product thanks to numerical simulations and to correlate the results with those obtained during physical tests on vibration table. Once the numerical model is recalibrated on the measures, propositions to reinforce the product and tests of changes in the assembly conditions are evaluated thanks to simulations before the final qualification of the tested product.

Tested product


A fatigue analysis method is set up to estimate the damage for the sine sweep test:

  • Count of the number of cycles seen during tests
  • Drawing of the Wöhler curve of the material
  • Calculation of the Neuber stress from the calculation model stress
  • Calculation of the damage and cumulation of the direction damages

Sine sweep test:


Half sine shock:

Acceleration transfer function at a location of the product – calculation vs measure:

Mapping of the stress at a given resonance frequency:

Tool: NX Nastran