Estimate via experimental measurement the efforts at the grounding of the electrical equipment. Beforehand, perform mechanical analyses that will be recalibrated after seismic tests. Fixed priced study realised within PHIMECA and in test labs (Virlab, Sopemea, IABG, CESI).

Main operations

  • 3D modelling: realisation of the 3D CAD from the plans or on-site surveys.
  • Modal analysis and seismic calculation using ANSYS: spectrum analysis type with CQC recombination.
  • Analysis of the reaction efforts at the grounding points.
  • Measurement of the efforts within test labs during qualification programs.
  • Recalibration of the numerical models in frequency, mode shapes, efforts.
  • Analyses of transformers, chargers, inverters, electrical cabinets, stations, operation panels, Relay boxes.