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General information

Training sessions on treatment of uncertainties.

For whom ? Why ?

Today’s decision makers and engineers are faced with not only a demand for modeling more and more precise but also an increased societal demand for risk management. In this context, the complete chain establishment for the characterization, the treatment and consideration of the uncertainties in the calculations becomes necessary.

Expert in this area since its creation in 2001, PHIMECA Engineering offers a full range of services (introduction to the Uncertainty approach, data statistic treatment, propagation methods, structural reliability, etc.).

Each of these training sessions is detailed in the catalog. They are generic for all business application. This year, a new formation focused on the different approaches to addressing a reliability problem has been created. Nevertheless, our training team is at your disposal to design modules specifically adapted to your problems.

Prices training

Theoretical Modules

F1 :Statistical analysis of data 1300 € (2days)
F2 :Response surfaces 1300 € (2 days)
F4 :Uncertainty methodology: dispersal, sensitivities 1300 € (2 days)
F5 :Uncertainty methodology: reliability 1950€ (3 days)

Application modules

GR : General Reliability 1800 € (3 days)
O1 : Introduction to PhimecaSoft 1300 € (2 days)
O2 : Introduction to Open TURNS 1300 € (2 days)

The registration on a whole module ( 2 theoretical modules and one application module) leads to a 10% discount in the total price of the training process. The trainee has up to a year to participate in the 2 theoretical modules and one application module of its choice. Each module is given twice a year.

P1 = F1 + F4 + O1 or O2 = 3510 € instead of 3900 €
P2 = F1 + F5 + O1 or O2 = 4095 € instead of 4550 €

Numerical Calculation and Simulation trainings

S1: Beginning with the Salomé-Méca platform 1350 € (2 days)
S2: Structural elements in the Salomé-Méca platform 950 € (1 day)

Advice : obtain discount for continuing education


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Mentions légales

PHIMECA engineering is an engineering company specialized in the optimization, the reliability and the robustness of products and structures.
Its goal is to provide solutions for robust engineering based on solid scientific foundations, entrepreneurial spirit and moral values shared by all its collaborators.